A picture is worth a thousand meters

January 17, 2008

Since we don’t stay up late or drink heavily, Liz and I opted to celebrate the New Year by winning the “Double Dip” team division of the 2008 Resolution Run 5K on January 1st. We received a nice trophy topped with a male and a female running in perfect synchrony.

Our lackluster times (16:12 and 20:36) would have been somewhat faster if not for a slippery hairpin turn just before the finish:

dry for now

partly submerged

fully submerged

partly emerged

on to the finish!

Thanks to Chuck Bartlett and my brother-in-law for the photos.


  1. The look on your face says it all! How cold was that water?! Anyway, congrats to you and your wife! 🙂

  2. Congrats! I thought the water was warmer this year than all the other years. Did everyone pee before I got there???Is Phil gonna smoke the kids' race next year?

  3. The water temperature was 44 degrees Fahrenheit this year, up from 43 last year.As for Phil, he would have participated in THIS race, but the race director specifically told us, unprompted: "No strollers in Lake Washington!"

  4. simply heroic…

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