Math-impaired, or math genius?

August 1, 2009

In situations where counting is appropriate, my son used to say, with the deliberateness of a toddler trying to speak correctly, “One, two, ee…” He is somewhat delayed speech-wise, so I always assumed that “ee” meant “three.”

More recently, he has extended the sequence to be “One, two, ee, nine, ten.”

Maybe he’s really bad at counting. Or maybe he’s not counting at all. Maybe when he says “ee” he really does mean the mathematical constant equal to 2.718…, and is offering the sequence 1, 2, e, 9, 10 as a Fibonacci-like challenge. What’s the pattern? What numbers come after 10?

Or maybe his father is overthinking this just a bit.

One comment

  1. I hope you don't do the overthinking while you are racing your ultras 🙂

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