The week in review

August 8, 2009

Some bullet points from the past few days:

* At work, I told my boss that he was hallucinating (long story), did an experiment of my own for the first time in months, and advised a colleague to add Splenda to his mice’s water. He wants to ensure that they drink the water, which contains a drug, but doesn’t want to use real sugar, which might lead to bacterial contamination. The colleague characterized my suggestion as “not terrible.”

* I spent a couple of evenings trying to figure out whether I can use a single application/website to track friends’ blogs, Twitter tweets, and Facebook updates. The first two can be handled easily with a feed reader such as Google Reader, but integrating Facebook feeds appears difficult at best. Others have suggested FriendFeed, tweetDeck, and Gist, none of which have worked for me thus far. Can’t anyone spare me from the agony of having to actually log on to Facebook?

* I did my first-ever stroller-handicapped interval workout this morning. Phil urged me to “wun wee fast” (run really fast), so we followed Mommy and her friend Tina around Green Lake while they did a series of one-minute pick-ups separated by one-minute jogs.

* Here’s Phil’s latest knock-knock joke.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Green orange!

Maybe it’s funny if you’re between the ages of two and three?

* Words of the week: SOBERING and SLEAZES. I made them both in a game of Scrabble, earning the 50-point bonus for each.

* Quote of the week, from Mommy: “Phil is so adorable when he’s compliant.” Perhaps next week Mommy will generate a quote that covers the other 85% of the time.

As Ryan Carrera would say, that’s all I’ve got.

One comment

  1. FWIW, I use Digsby in Windows for IM (various backends), Facebook, and Twitter. I don't pay super close attention to its Facebook integration, but it offers at least some of what it sounds like you might be after and might be worth a try. Cheers!http://www.digsby.com/

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