Bye Bye, Bad Guy

August 29, 2009

Phil Crowther lived in a neighborhood filled with bad guys.

Sometimes they would sneak into his house and try to steal his toy cars. Phil would scare them away by shining his flashlight at them. They were so afraid of the light and would run off so fast that nobody ever saw them except Phil.

One night, Phil noticed a bad guy in the TV room. Phil grabbed his flashlight and pointed it toward the room, but the batteries were dead. For a moment, Phil froze with surprise, and his pacifier fell out of his mouth. Then he entered the room and tried to flip the light switch on the wall. The bad guy blocked him.

Phil thought some spare batteries were on the desk, so he stumbled to the desk in the dark. He ran his hands over the desk and found something that felt like a big hunk of plastic. It wasn’t a battery, but maybe it was another flashlight? Phil picked it up and aimed it where he thought the bad guy was.

Across the room, the TV turned on, producing a stream of light, music, and shouting. The bad guy was so frightened that he left immediately.

“Bye bye, bad guy,” said Phil. He looked at the remote control in his hand, used it to start a Dora The Explorer video, sat down in a comfortable chair, and put his pacifier back in his mouth.

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