Unfathomably old

May 18, 2010

I just turned thirty-seven.

When I reported this fact to Phil, all he could say in response was, “Whoa!” Thirty-seven is higher than he can count, so it must seem unimaginably old. I may as well have said that I was eight hundred and sixty.

By next year at this time, thirty-eight will be a number that Phil can grasp. I wonder whether that will make me seem less ancient to him.


  1. Old??? Why you're just barely over half my age :-)I'd give my right leg to…Congrats on running BtheB so well.

  2. dads will always be very old to their kids. I mean, MY dad is OLD.

  3. I'm reminded of some lyrics from 'O Do Not Forsake Me' by They Might Be Giants:1000 years oldSure you'd say that's old1000 years oldBut what do you know?In my darkest hourI'm talking like thisFor I am 1000 years old

  4. Best wishes!

  5. hmmmm. Seems nearly unfathomable to me and I'm just about where you are. There's something about the 30's and 40's that's simply incomprehensible. :)happy belated birthday!

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