It’s time to alter the plan for Gibraltar

September 13, 2010

For the second year in a row, I’m declining my spot on the United States 100K team.

Last year the decision was an easy one. I wasn’t excited by the prospect of competing abroad because I had not been racing well in general and wanted to avoid another big, complicated trip that would likely end in disappointment.

Since then, the racing consistency on which I pride myself has returned, and so has my desire to attend the world 100K championships, the next edition of which will be contested on November 7th in Gibraltar. However, my left Achilles tendon, which has bugged me intermittently ever since I tore it in March of 2002, flared up again about three weeks ago (for no discernible reason) and has limited my training since then.

It’s possible that someone else in my situation might manage to arrive in Gibraltar healthy and race-ready through some careful combination of icing, stretching, cross-training, running, etc. But I can’t do it. I dislike cross-training and stretching and icing, and I have three grant proposals and an overseas conference talk to finish between now and November 5th.

As Liz can attest, my uncertainty about whether to continue training for Gibraltar and inability to train properly have been accompanied by feelings of stress, bitterness, and depression. Now that I’ve decided to skip the race, I feel a lot better.


  1. Greg,Sorry to hear about your achilles and a tough decision.You may want to check into shockwave therapy for your achilles. I was very impressed. I had a chronic achilles and three treatments (one per week) made a huge difference. Might be worthwhile to see if it's offered in your area.Good luck!Derrick

  2. Oh No! I am sorry to hear this as I know one of your goals for the year was to get back on the team. I do admire your ability to step away from a race when you know you won't be at your best – something I still need to learn! I hope your Achilles issues resolve quickly.

  3. Greg,big congratulations for making the team again and for handling such an incredible life workload between family, work and your own, individual aspirations.Get well soon.

  4. OUCH!!!I hope you recover quickly.Maybe the reduced training will let you get the grant applications done with less stress.Better luck next year!

  5. Greg – As an occasional blog skimmer and long time runner/i.e. old guy – let me say, from my perspective you are one of the few young'uns who has his priorities in order – and nothing made me smile more than Phil from the Kitchen! Enjoy family – they last!! jeff wilbur

  6. Sorry to hear the news, but it sounds like you definitely made the right decision.Does this also mean no JFK title defense?Take care,Andy

  7. Andy: Yes, that's correct.

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