Is it a bad idea to let a 4-year-old watch Police Academy 3?

November 19, 2010

Well, yeah, OF COURSE it’s a bad idea. We’re talking about a movie whose “good guys” include an officer who shoots at anything that moves and a cadet whose interaction with his father consists mostly of reciprocal punches to the head. But sometimes the Internet makes it a bit too easy for weary parents to cave in to their kids’ requests. Phil wanted to watch a movie about policemen, I did a Netflix search, and the next thing I know, we’re watching Bubba Smith hurl luggage across the lawn.

At least I didn’t let him watch Police Academy 7. That one is REALLY bad.


  1. Police Academy 3?! Good thing he didn't want to watch a "movie with animals", or you'd have shown him Ishtar.Not only have you flirted with violating the child abuse statutes, now you're going to have to watch The Wizard of Oz with him just to cleanse your soul and get back in the good graces of the Movie Gods.Just kidding of course, it's a funny story. And before too long I'm sure I'll be following in your parenting food steps, so I'm sure I shouldn't be too snooty about your cinematic choices (me to future 4-year old child: "You want to watch a movie? Ok, how about Citizen Kane? No? The Godfather? No?…")

  2. police academy 3 is on netflix instant?! i got my saturday afternoon planned!

  3. […] 6. “Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car” by Brian Wilson (1985). From the soundtrack of Police Academy 3. I’m not sure which is sadder — that the great Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame) contributed to this ridiculous movie, or that Phil has seen it. […]

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