Some quick running links

November 21, 2010

* World 100K Championships: Congratulations to the United States men on their silver medals. Having four guys under 7:02 is outstanding. The two U.S. women who finished did quite well too.

* JFK 50: Andy Mason’s race preview gave me another chance to relive last year’s excitement. This year’s race featured valiant but unsuccessful come-from-behind charges in both the men’s and women’s races: David Riddle wound up 1:07 behind Brian Dumm and my friend Pam Smith finished 21 seconds behind her Portland-area “neighbor” Amy Sproston.

* Seattle Running Club: New club secretary Julie Cassata has just finished a book called Love of Landscape. I personally am not much of a landscape lover, but the photos seem interesting and you can preview the entire book before ordering it.

* Performance-enhancing drugs: “Steroid use on the rise in the army,” the Seattle Times reports. I think this is an interesting gray area. Yes, steroid use carries serious health risks, but so does going into combat and being shot at.

* Coaching: Congratulations to the Oiselle girls, co-coached by L, for winning the team title in the Youth (13-14) division of the Junior Olympics Region 13 cross-country championships. Oiselle is also featured on the cover of the November issue of Northwest Runner.

* Etc.: I greatly enjoyed the latest McSweeney’s Pop-Song Correspondence. It’s titled, “A note to parents from Bruce Springsteen, high school cross-country coach.” (Hat tip: RW Daily.)


  1. I read your JFK instructions 3 times and tried to do my best to emulate your performance. In fact, I even used your exact splits (+ 1.5 min/mile) to come up with my goal (7:05). I came in ahead of pace, but next time you'll have to put in a few more instructions about taking the lead in the final miles!!

  2. How ironic Pam. I also used Greg's advice to plan my race and came up a little short as well. I can't be disappointed though. Greg, thanks for putting your advice and past splits out there.

  3. Way to go Oiselle. Good running and good looking uniforms!

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