Meeting one’s goals is definitely easier when time travel is an option

January 1, 2011

I recently attended a one-day workshop on how to manage people effectively. It was very helpful, and it included the showing of a video (“The Practical Coach: Encouraging, Correcting, and Challenging Your Team”) that was helpful too. One of the less helpful aspects of the video was its use of the following graph, meant to represent one’s journey toward achievement of professional and personal goals. The X axis is TIME and the Y axis is SUCCESS. Anyone see a problem?

The path to success?


  1. The "Groundhog Day" approach to attaining our goals…

  2. On the graph, traveling back in time seems to be associated with decreasing, or at least non-increasing, success. Presumably because creating temporal paradoxes gets in the way of achieving one's goals.

  3. Maybe those are memory loops. We time travel with our minds all the time.

  4. nobody can quantify success? or maybe 'go longer' had it right

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