My new rap video: "Money 4 Drugz"

January 31, 2011

This was my entry into this year’s UW Pocketmedia Film Festival. You can vote for it (or any other entry) at the People’s Choice Gallery page.


  1. Wow. Just…wow.Favorite moment: bacteria plated to read "$$ for drugs".Least favorite moment: you on the floor, thrusting your pelvis towards the camera. CANNOT UNSEE!!!!!

  2. I take that back: my least favorite moment is when you hump the VWR chamber. MUST…STAB…EYES…WITH…FORKS! 😉

  3. For the record, I was NOT humping the VWR chamber … just dancing very badly.

  4. You know I'm just needling you, of course–the video's hilarious and very well-done. Brinsley got a big laugh out of it too.

  5. This is amazing Greg! Fantastic performance, and really creative. I'd say you have a bright future in rap music.

  6. You were saying something about my January children's book reading being more like performance art…Nice work Greg! Is this to accompany some new grant proposal? Desperate times…

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