Pace line

June 10, 2011

A pace line of four cyclists passed me tonight as I pedaled my ungainly commuting bike along Rainier Avenue toward the Seattle Running Club‘s June board meeting. Then the pace line broke up, with two people staying together at the front and two more falling off the back.

I am not especially fit as a cyclist and have never entered a bicycle race. But I couldn’t resist trying to “reel in” the two stragglers, which I did — in a non-obnoxious manner, I hope.

I have not run a step since March 21, when I had surgery on my left heel. For someone accustomed to covering over 3,000 miles a year on foot, this is a major change. But it’s nice to know that, somewhere inside me, the competitive fire is still burning, even if cycling to meetings is the only way I can currently fan the flames.

One comment

  1. welcome to wordpress mr. crowther. i think you’ll find the spam filtering top notch. (much) more importantly i’m pleased to see that there link to my site successfully migrated over. oh btw, i recently changed my name to Albert so i think i need to get bumped up to the top of the blogroll. whenever you get the time.

    in your banner you look like you’re running from the popo (and a red SUV). that’s pretty cool.


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