Minutes of the July 14 Seattle Running Club board meeting

July 16, 2011

Location: Nuun (in the Oddfellows Building on Capitol Hill, above Fleet Feet).

In attendance: Francis Agboton, Greg Crowther, Danielle Hathaway, Peter Kline, Phil Kochik, Eric Sach, Trisha and Uli Steidl, and Win Van Pelt.

Topics covered:

0. Pizza math

Greg finally managed to order the right amount and flavors of pizza. This was highly satisfying to him, and perhaps to others as well.

1. Board vacancies

The McCoubreys’ departure for Idaho left two open spots on the board of directors.  Danielle Hathaway and Trisha Steidl were elected to these positions. They and the other board members will sign conflict-of-interest disclosure forms (as required of all US nonprofit corporations) to be distributed by Greg.

Leslie McCoubrey remains the interim treasurer at the moment, but a new treasurer will need to take over by the end of the month. Greg and Leslie are talking to a candidate who seems like a good fit. Francis has experience with bookkeeping and will help oversee the new person.

2. White River 50

This will be the McCoubreys’ final year directing White River.  Discussions with possible successors are pending.

Scott McCoubrey is looking for a couple of additional volunteers to help with course scouting and marking on July 28-29. Please email him (smccoubrey@scottusa.com) if you would like to help with this. Volunteers for all other facets of the race are also appreciated; please contact volunteer coordinator John Wallace (jhwiii@trizera.com) if you can help. Eric Sach is working on rounding up gels and supplements for the race; Greg may donate his personal collection, since he is months if not years away from being able to go on a gel-worthy run.

3. Fat Glass 50K and membership growth

Planning of the August 6th “Beer Ultra” continues.  This free event is open to everyone, though participants are encouraged to join the SRC if they are not members already. Please RSVP at the Facebook event page unless you’re an anti-Facebook person, in which case you can RSVP to peter.kline@live.com. Among the many awesome perks of this race: someone will be there taking photos, and they will not try to sell them back to you — you can have the images for free!  Greg will finalize a simple event flyer that can be printed and distributed at our partner stores, at White River, etc.

One possible source of new SRC members is the Seattle Mountain Runners, a Facebook group with a seemingly insatiable appetite for trail running. Let’s continue making friends with them, and let’s try to get as many of them as possible to attend the Fat Glass 50K and the next Club Night at The Balanced Athlete (tentatively scheduled for September).

4. Shirts for club members and others

A lengthy discussion was had on whether new club members should continue to receive shirts automatically, whether shirts should be received in the mail or picked up at our partner stores or both, and whether additional club shirts should be sold at the stores. (The Balanced Athlete can do this; Fleet Feet  might be able to if the Fleet Feet logo is on the shirt somewhere…. Eric will talk to Brian Morrison about these rules and about screening logos onto the batch of shirts that he is currently holding.)

We will try to modify our membership form so that it has fewer options overall but includes a “mail the shirt to me for $5 extra” option.  We might also consider making the shirts in a different color each year so that people will want to collect them all.

5. Tribute to the McCoubreys

Eric will talk to the parks regarding this semi-secret project. Win will talk to possible providers of materials. Danielle will talk to a possible artisan. Depending on the ultimate cost, we may donate some race proceeds, put out a call for donations on Facebook, and/or add a “make a donation” option to membership renewals.

6. Cross-country season

Leslie has mailed a check to Greg so that the SRC can be current on its PNTF/USATF dues. A preliminary schedule of cross-country races is posted to our Teams page, with the first race being Sundodger on September 17.

7. Next meeting

There will not be an official board meeting in August. However, board members and competitive team members will probably hold a meeting at Brooks, the club’s primary corporate sponsor.

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