The ecstasy of agony

July 17, 2011

Sally Bergesen of Oiselle is collecting “Painfest” photos of runners deep in the throes of discomfort. I was happy to contribute a couple of my personal favorites such as the one below (taken by my uncle Chris in February of 2006 at the Houston Ultra Event 100K).

As I enter my eleventh month of Achilles trouble and drastically reduced training, most days pass without a strong sense of longing to be back out there. This photo really speaks to me, though. Are my days of rain-soaked shredded-quad glory really behind me?

99K down, 1K to go


  1. awesome pic….

    Archilles trouble…not fun at all 😦

  2. […] favorite pictures of me racing (e.g., from the 2005 World Cup 100K, 2006 Houston Ultra Event Weekend, 2006 Sunmart 50-Miler, and 2009 Sundodger 8K) now include this shot from the 2013 PNTF […]

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