Sis’ eye for the straight guy

September 29, 2011

My fashion-savvy sister has been helping me revamp my wardrobe. Below are some items currently in my closet along with her comments.

“ew. not sure that you are a tan blazer with gold button kind of guy. looks like something you inherited from a dead uncle.”


“not doing you any favors”

“not crazy about it. might look a little juvenile with the izod logo”

“looks like something you may have had in your closet since high school. dislike.”

“not having seen this on, it seems wide and like something that should be saved for the golf course.”


“NO! Dark wash denim is the way to go.”

“a joke, right? ;)”

“probably time to retire these”

“Shapeless. Not for wearing if you want to look at all polished.”

She does like SOME of my clothes, but those comments weren’t as funny.


  1. I recall that at my wedding you had the sharpest navy blazer of any of the groomsmen (sharper than mine, too). I also recall that you had borrowed it. So I’m not sure if that counts as a win for your fashion sense or not. 😉

  2. What a great sister!

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