The joy of text

October 10, 2011

Over the last month I’ve finally embraced text messaging. It’s a nice way to deliver short messages fast without the imposition of a phone call.

Texting has also gotten me thinking about my adoption of communication technology in general.

* First regular use of email (as 95gjc@williams.edu): spring 1992

* First regular use of World-Wide Web: 1996

* First courtship relying heavily on email: March 1998

* First personal web page: 1999 (?)

* First cell phone: 1999 (?)

* First non-student/non-work email address (trappedinlab@yahoo.com): June 2000

* First email from grandmother: 2004

* Ceased to have a land line at home: 2004

* First consistent use of blogs (reading and writing): 2006

* First home wireless network: 2007 (?)

* First tweet: May 27, 2009

* First smartphone: 2012?

One comment

  1. My first email address was (and is) lsh@u(dot)washington(dot)edu (with the obvious replacements for ‘dot’). Whenever I give it out to someone (for work purposes, when ordering, etc.) they always marvel at how simple the ‘lsh’ is and ask how I got that. I tell ’em it helps to have been around when the internet took hold.

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