Counterpoint: forget the polar bears — save yourself!

January 27, 2012

Yesterday Phil’s concerns about global warming and polar bears translated into a willingness to ride our trail-a-bike to his preschool in the rain. We got a flat, though, and had to walk the last ten blocks. (I have a patch kit but can’t use it effectively when I’m away from home, stressed out, accompanied by an impatient kid, etc.) Then I took a bus back home and drove to work, arriving about 90 minutes late.

Despite that mishap, Phil wanted to try again this morning, so I put in a new tube and we were off. Before long I had another flat, three more bus rides, and another 90-minute delay in getting to work.

During the day, Recycled Cycles changed the tube and also replaced my old, cracked tires. Then I biked back to Phil’s preschool to pick him up. We didn’t even make it off of the school grounds before: SSSS…. It was my third flat in about 14 miles of biking over two days. We got back on the bus and headed home.

I’m so proud of Phil for applying what he’s learning at school to choices made outside of the classroom. Nevertheless, as I told one of his teachers, this save-the-polar-bears stuff is killing me.

One comment

  1. I feel for you. That is some seriously bad luck (or terrible road hazard avoidance skills).

    Glad to hear Phil is sticking to it though. As they say, things happen in threes so you’re good for a while I would think.

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