Improvised sports, #2: Bomb-Pong

January 30, 2012

My destruction-loving son and I came up with this — a follow-up to Sock-Drawer Basketball — over the weekend.

Materials needed: 2 paddles or small rackets; 1 balloon to serve as a bomb; 1 net or equivalent barrier.

How to play: The paddles are used to hit the bomb back and forth over the net (one hit per turn). Players try not to let the bomb touch the floor because this causes it to detonate, obliterating the person on that side of the net, who is declared the loser of the game.


  1. Greg,

    My parents invented ‘Langmitten’ early in their marriage, and my sister and I were included at about Phil’s age. It only involved batting a small cardboard carton (always smaller than a 3 inch side cube) which had contained pills or some such. The object was to bat it around to the others using ones bare hand trying to keep it off the floor for as long as possible. Because it was a rectangle, it didn’t always bounce off ones hand as expected so it was a fairly anerobic sport.


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