The redemptive power of track intervals

March 12, 2012

One of the few advantages of being woefully out of shape is that progress toward one’s previous level of fitness comes quickly at times.

After a depressing day at the lab, I headed over to the Green Lake track for a session of 5 x 440 yards with 220-yard jogs in between. This is what passes for a “speed workout” these days. But in contrast to a couple of weeks ago, when I did 4 x 440 in an average of 92 seconds, today’s average was 84 seconds. There was no Achilles pain, knock on wood. And I felt better.

Thanks, running — I needed that.


  1. So how much are you running these days? And do you have to take any precautions to make sure your Achilles holds up?

    • About an hour every other day. Precautions include walking and stretching before and after, icing afterward, and limiting increases in running time to 2 minutes per run.

  2. Hey Greg – I’ll see you at Titus Van Rijn. You weren’t the only one to have surgery this past year. I don’t think I’ll be at 100% but I do think I’ll be someplace between 93.75% and 96.875%.

    Good luck and much patience with your recovery.


  3. happy to hear things are getting better. Yes, what Jay said: patience.

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