An experiment in live-tweeting at #soSEA

April 16, 2012

[EDIT, April 19: Here is a much more comprehensive “Storify” of the evening: http://storify.com/scioSEA/sosea-1-shared-science.]

Tonight was the launch of Science Online Seattle (hashtag #soSEA), an offshoot of the annual Science Online conference in North Carolina. I attempted some “live tweeting” (below, in reverse chronological order, so read from bottom to top). It was kind of hard and kind of exhausting, but I did see some value in it. In particular, there was a point at which I wanted to make a comment about publishing in open-access journals, but it wasn’t my turn to speak … so I just tweeted my point instead, thus reaching at least some of those in the room (as well as some outside of it). For those who are shy about speaking up, or who wish to say something immediately rather than waiting their turn, it’s a nice option to have.

* * * * * *

@LizNeeley concludes #soSEA by noting that the hashtag is pronounced “saucy” & inviting us to Big Time Brewery to get sauced! ๐Ÿ™‚

[RT ofโ€ @JenEDavison]
.@LizNeeley: @ChrisMooney_ coming into town, will talk about the belief systems of denialists. http://bit.ly/HN7jjm #sosea

[RT ofโ€ @JenEDavison]
Panelists agree: #openscience itself is part of the answer to the issue of lack of public trust in science. #sosea

[RT of โ€ @scioSEA]
Q from audience: crowdsourcing for tenure review? Gasps from crowd… #sosea

Example: I published on my open-access science song database in BAMBEd, a non-open journal, ’cause that was the best fit for it. #soSEA

… I need to publish in the best journals possible, open or not, to stay alive career-wise. #soSEA

Strong support at #soSEA for publishing (only?) in open-access journals. But until I have job security or am evaluated differently…

[RT of @tomglanz]
“We’re not going to a bad place if everyone is a scientist” @brianglanz @openscience #sosea

[RT of @CyanJames]
@bglanz compares scientists and journalists: we can all do these things, to an extent, but doesn’t think #openscience will get gutted #sosea

[RT of โ€ @kTraphagen]
RT @j_timmer: Interesting question: if all the data’s open for anyone to use, what makes someone a scientist? #sosea

[RT of @michaelhoffman]
.@BrianGlanz: Science Online was originally called “North Carolina Science Blogging Conference” [amazing what can grow from that] #soSEA

[RT of @RockyRohde]
@brianglanz will a blog post read by 1000s hold the weight of a paper read by 100s in future of tenure reveiw? We’ll see #soSEA #altmetrics

[RT ofโ€ @LouWoodley]
“It’s fun being a dean – all those things you were cranky about before, you can potentially address” @LisaGraumlich #sosea

[RT of โ€ @JenEDavison]
Audience asks how to incentivize #openscience – @LisaGraumlich: “it’s fun being a dean” because you can begin to address such things. #sosea

@LisaGraumlich is so quotable! “As a dean, I think about money a LOT.” #soSEA

Seth Cooper: @fold_it is partnering with @educurious to design protein folding exercises (games?) for high schoolers. #soSEA

@BrianGlanz: Sharing your data openly with your name on it makes it really hard for someone to steal your data & get away with it. #soSEA

#soSEA is discussing the importance & challenge of maintaining clear metadata. @LisaGraumlich: “Everyone feels a bit of metadata guilt.”

… (2) Data have more credibility if gathered transparently and collaboratively. #sosea

@LisaGraumlich: Why would scientists want to do Open Science? (1) They can do bigger projects if they work together….

Seth is part of the UW Center for Game Science. I didn’t realize we had one of those. #soSEA

Dean @LisaGraumlich of UW College of the Environment defines Science Online as technology + trust. #sosea

Listening to Seth Cooper talk at #sosea…. Over 250,000 people have played Foldit!

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