@trappedinlab’s April tweets

May 1, 2012

29 Apr: I had almost given up on cleaning behind the fridge, but finally managed to do it this morning. Don’t stop believin’!

21 Apr: I am psyched that Phil wanted to try kayaking, but wish that he had lasted more than five minutes.

19 Apr: Phil saw tasers at the UWPD open house; now his lego clone troopers are tasering each other. Great to see him apply what he’s learned.

16 Apr: tweets from #soSEA

13 Apr: Just mixed hot cocoa mix with cold milk instead of hot water — big mixtake. What a clumpy mess.

9 Apr: I’ve decided to write a Nora Ephronesque rom-com novella. Here goes nothing.

8 Apr: I wanted to clean the patio, but Phil wanted to play jail. The compromise: a prison-camp game where the prisoners must sweep the patio.

7 Apr: New bedtime story routine: Phil offers his bed with the phrase, “Sit anywhere you’d like.” It’s a small bed, but I like the hospitable tone.

5 Apr: Global Health Trivia Night at Seattle BioMed was a hoot, but I missed the bonus question about Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” Zut alors!

3 Apr: Just got a smartphone. After 10 days & 2 trips back to the Sprint store, I can finally make hands-free calls & retrieve voice-mail.

2 Apr: Tonight I’m blowing off steam by playing loud, angry piano ballads.

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