Short and tweet: June Twitter highlights

July 1, 2012

28 Jun
My 5-year-old, after school: “Remember those cookies we made for my teachers [last month]?” Me: “Um … yeah?” Him: “They want some more.”

28 Jun
My son, 5: “Dad, why do tears come from baseball players who win a game?” If only I had the time & knowledge to answer that question fully!

18 Jun
My 5-year-old boy on John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack: “I like the flute.” What a sensitive kid he is, occasionally….

18 Jun
Monday morning heaven: “Centerfold” cover by @Prydein with bagpipes on the “na-na” part. Stream it at prydein.com!

17 Jun
Greg’s concise guide to language and politics: palindromes are cool; Palin-drones are not.

16 Jun
Surprise #2 of the day: a child vomiting all over the floor at a 4-year-old’s b-day party. These kids party HARD!

16 Jun
Surprise #1 of the day: @dominos pizza at the Cougar Mountain 8-mile trail race! Thanks, @SeattleRunning and @NWTrailRuns!

13 Jun
This may be the closest I ever come to giving a TED Talk: uwtv.org/video/player.aspx?mediaid=18266249. Songs are at 15:00, 21:05, 30:17, 36:10, 39:00, and 43:02.

5 Jun
Wed., June 6: I will be the guest (9:30-10pm) on the MetaQuizzical Cafe radio show (9-11pm) hosted by @4concerts! www.bemetaquizzical.blogspot.com

2 Jun
I’ll sing 3 science songs today at the @Seattle_SciFest Science expo (3:15 at Seattle Center’s Fisher Stage). Thanks to @PacSci for helping!

One comment

  1. Thanks for the good bacteria song. I quit going to my previous doctor because he prescribed fluoroquinolones to me despite the fact that I had no infection.

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