Nature and nurture

July 2, 2012

It was a good, science-positive weekend here at the Crowther homestead.

Highlight #1 was hearing Phil verbalize a basic understanding of genetics for the first time. Apropos of nothing in particular, he proclaimed, “If a baby comes out of a mom who remembers well, the baby will remember well when it’s growed up.”

Highlight #2 began with him asking me, “Dad, what does ‘your highness’ mean?”

“It’s what you call a really important person, like a king or a queen or a prince or a princess.”

“Are you a really important person?”

“Not really.”

“But, Dad, you ARE important. You do experiments!”

True or not, I had to smile at that.


  1. Are you sure Phil is distinguishing genetic inheritance from maternal effects?

  2. Archive this for reference when Phil is 15, not 5….

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