July tweets

July 31, 2012

29 Jul
Me, to my 5-year-old: “Let’s go to the grocery store.” Him: “No, let’s go home.” Me: “Phil, we ARE home.” Him: “Then let’s just stay here.”

28 Jul
I have seen the future of American ultrarunning. Its name is Sage Canaday. 6:16:10 course record at #WR50 today — Holy Krup!

26 Jul
Overheard today: “Is that Z as in ‘zot’?” LOL. How should *they* know how to spell a word that you just made up?

26 Jul
John Boswell (@musicalscience) has already raised $12K for his next album of science songs! Go John go!

25 Jul
Phil wants to be a Smurf but doesn’t want to wear blue. “Smurfs wear clothes that aren’t blue, Dad. I don’t want to be a *naked* Smurf…”

22 Jul
Felt entitled to ice cream with friends on a cool, windy Seattle afternoon. Fed up with waiting for ice cream-appropriate weather!

21 Jul
Went to a contra dance last night & stayed for over an hour. Those who know me well know how remarkable this is.

19 Jul
Leila Z. ’00 cooked dinner for my 5-year-old, then explained Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” to him. A very @WilliamsCollege evening!

17 Jul
Today I caved in to my cravings and had corn on the cob and key lime pie for breakfast. Is this what it’s like to be pregnant?

14 Jul
My son insists that we watch the Air Bud films in order. Maybe he should worry less about continuity; 4 different actors play the dad.

11 Jul
Tonight my son cheered up a crying girl by repeatedly bashing himself in the head. I’m really proud of him . . . I think.

11 Jul
I’m heading to the annual barbecue of the UW Division of Allergy & Infectious Disease. I suspect the meat will be well-cooked.

9 Jul
Tonight I wandered outside and talked to 6 neighbors. That’s 6 more than last week. Summer has arrived in Seattle at last!

9 Jul
The woman in the apartment upstairs has a kitten whom she named Shalom. I guess that makes it a “Hello Kitty.”

5 Jul
My son Phil (5 years old): “Do you have socks?” Leila: “No, I’m not wearing any socks.” Phil: “But do you live with socks?”

2 Jul
My 5-year-old son, to the bus driver: “Have a good day!” Then, to me: “That’s the nicest thing I could think of.”

1 Jul
Just saw “We Bought a Zoo.” My 5-year-old son: “I wish *we* could buy a zoo … so I could wear one of those little [zookeeper] shirts.”

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