Who gives a tweet about mentoring undergraduates?

August 1, 2012

Janice DeCosmo: Tell students in advance how to interact with you. Is it OK to interrupt frequently w/ questions? Or make lists for later?
10:14 AM

Jennifer Harris: Asking “What draws you to THIS project, in particular?” will help you gauge students’ level of interest and motivation.
10:09 AM

How to gauge interviewees’ technical skills? Ask for a reference from a professor or TA from a lab class. Also consider a trial period.
10:07 AM

Janice DeCosmo: Look for evidence of students’ initiative on resumes and at interviews.
10:01 AM

Janice DeCosmo: Disclose your limitations as a mentor (tendency to micromanage, or to have high expectations, or whatever) up front!
9:41 AM

Janice DeCosmo: Remember that mentoring is a relationship. Both mentor and mentee have expectations and needs.
9:37 AM

The 4 men at the seminar are all along one side of the square around which we are arranged. The 11 women are on the other 3 sides.
9:24 AM

My question: how can we best predict which undergrads will succeed in research?
9:20 AM

Question from seminar attendee: how do you get money for students without using your own grant?
9:16 AM

After 7 years of mentoring undergrads, it’s time to find out what I’ve been doing wrong. 🙂
9:05 AM

Today’s seminar: “Mentoring the Undergraduate Research Experience” with Janice DeCosmo and Jennifer Harris of @UW.
9:04 AM

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