Making primary literature accessible to students (continued)

October 29, 2013

title slide

Here’s a semi-follow-up to the post Strategies for reading the primary literature.

Last Friday I discussed this topic with colleagues in the wonderful Biology Education Research Group (BERG), which meets weekly at the University of Washington. My starting points were the “CREATE” papers by Sally Hoskins et al. and the “Figure Facts” paper by Jennifer Round and A. Malcolm Campbell.

After briefly reviewing these papers, I asked attendees to brainstorm about how they might use primary literature in courses aimed at five distinct audiences: 10th-grade biology students, undergraduate nonmajors, undergrads in a large introductory biology course, senior biology majors, and graduate students.

The photos below (click on them for larger versions) give some record of the interesting and varied ideas that were put forth.

Thanks, BERG, for a stimulating session!






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