Twicks and tweets from the past two months

November 1, 2013

24 Oct
A running friend describes a former teammate as “about 5’2″ and shaped like a potato.” But he was a national Div. III 1500-meter champion!

18 Oct
@redbox You send me two emails each time I rent a DVD. How about a reminder email when a DVD doesn’t get returned on time?

12 Oct
Today’s workout: 6 miles @ 6-min pace on a YMCA treadmill while watching the History Channel auction off a stuffed weasel. Definitely a 1st.

10 Oct
Just got an email that says, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Um, no. How about: “Life is short. Do some good while you have the chance.”

6 Oct
Great reading of @justwrought’s play “The Sequence” yesterday! 2 more shows to come. Thanks, @NWABR! http://nwabr.org/events-programs/community-events/science-stage

2 Oct
My 6-year-old, on the video for “Smells Like Nirvana” vs. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”: “The cow is different. And the sheep.” So perceptive!

27 Sep
Me: “Capt. Von Trapp doesn’t want to command a German ship.” My 6-year-old: “But that’s awesome! Most army guys would be begging for that.”

27 Sep
As a special treat, my son’s 1st-grade class will visit @CutterandBuck on Oct. 31. Nothing says “Halloween” like upscale golf clothing….

16 Sep
My 6-year-old son: “I’m going to watch Dora the Explorer…. Don’t tell any of my friends.”

7 Sep
Great fun today at @WildWavesGOWILD with my 6-year-old. Only disappointment: the ride called “Disko Flashback Boogie Ride” had no music.

3 Sep
Fun day-before-school-starts activity at @ElevatedSportz: dodgeball on trampolines! Genius!

3 Sep
Me, quoting @TMBG’s “Stone Cold Coup D’Etat”: “Daughter reaches for the knife…” My 6-year-old: “I’d reach for a gun. Knives are useless.”

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