My dream about Brett Kavanaugh

October 7, 2018

I just awoke from a dream that featured two surprises relating to Brett Kavanaugh, the just-confirmed Supreme Court justice.

The first surprise was that I got a letter from him in the mail — a form letter, but a letter nonetheless.

“Dear Greg,” it began (in the manner of form letters generated by programs smart enough to fill in the names of individual recipients).  “Every year, millions of Americans are victims of sexual assault or related offenses. If you have been a victim — either recently or not so recently — I want you to know that you are not alone, and I hope that the enclosed ‘survivor’s kit’ will provide helpful support as you move forward with your life.  If this kit is not relevant or useful to you, please consider passing it on to someone else. Sincerely, Brett M. Kavanaugh.”

The second surprise was that, within minutes of receiving this letter and opening it and reading it, I noticed Justice Kavanaugh, wearing his black judicial robes, emerging from a guest bathroom of my home. (In the dream, I was living in a one-story mansion with hardwood floors and featuring an enormous living room with a grand piano. It somewhat resembled the residence of my late Grandmother Jane.)

I walked across the enormous living room to greet him. “Hey, Judge,” I said. “I just received your letter.” He nodded.

“You know,” I continued, “I opposed your nomination to the Supreme Court. But I was moved by this letter, even though I myself have never been assaulted.”

“One of my big fears about you,” I said, “is that you aren’t necessarily looking out for people who lead lives less privileged than yours — people who’ve been marginalized and victimized by racism, sexism, and other toxic attitudes and institutional biases. But this letter gives me hope that these people are on your radar after all, and that you will use your power to ensure justice for ALL.”

He drew in a big breath, preparing to speak. And then I woke up.

NOTE: I am reporting this dream as I experienced it because I found it interesting. The dream should not be construed as an argument for or against Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court, or as anything other than a flight of fancy. 


  1. Greg, I’ve been a long time follower of your posts – from your running posts (which I still find valuable) to your more recent personal posts. Having a few years of dreams (I’m 74) I have found my dreams full of meaning and very worth thinking about. As a reasonably frequent poster and comfortable sharing your opinions, your dream is interesting, enjoyable, dare I say hopeful and encouraging. Not as a view of Kavanaugh, more of you and me. Me because of my respect and interest in your views. If it were my dream I would have a huge grin on my face while drinking my morning coffee (which I do and am doing). Maybe, even for the rest of the day, Thank sincerely for sharing. Dream on man!

    • Thanks, Neil! I agree that the dream is at least partly a dream of hope — hope that some good will emerge from the mess we’re in now. However, I have no idea whether such hope is justified, especially for people like the survivors of abuse and assault who continue to be mocked, misrepresented, minimized, etc. To me, there is dark comedy in the fact that the dream consisted of two straight white males with elite credentials discussing privilege inside a luxurious mansion.

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