A tiny rebellion

December 7, 2018

Sam, now 22 months old, is becoming really playful, with an exaggerated har-har-har laugh to match. But he is also becoming willfully defiant.

These days, when I give him his nightly bath, he takes a cup and scoops up some bathwater and dumps it on the bathroom floor. I tell him, “No.” He does it again. I take the cup away. And then he takes his toothbrush, dunks it in the bathwater, and sticks it out over the floor, transferring a drop or two of water in the process, while gently cooing, “Noooo.”

Unwilling to laugh or cry, I just shake my head — my usual compromise.


  1. Ooooh, this kid is smart! Think of what he has figured out in just transferring the cup action to his toothbrush! This is sort of sweet news, because I visited you when you had learned how to con Phil into getting into the bathtub with humorous tricks…as I recall. You’re not through being challenged by your sons! This is just the beginning…wait until you see what Ben may have in store…. Beverly

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  2. Classic example of a young kid trying to find the boundaries of what conduct/actions are and aren’t allowed. Raising kids is not easy, as they are smart and can twist you. Pets are easy to raise. You don’t even have to be as smart as the dog/cat/whatever, you just have to be consistent. Being consistent with kids is the challenge, as often they are smarter than you, and have more time and patience.

    Rise to the challenge, Greg!

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