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The ecstasy of agony

July 17, 2011

Sally Bergesen of Oiselle is collecting “Painfest” photos of runners deep in the throes of discomfort. I was happy to contribute a couple of my personal favorites such as the one below (taken by my uncle Chris in February of 2006 at the Houston Ultra Event 100K).

As I enter my eleventh month of Achilles trouble and drastically reduced training, most days pass without a strong sense of longing to be back out there. This photo really speaks to me, though. Are my days of rain-soaked shredded-quad glory really behind me?

99K down, 1K to go


Pictures from July 4th

July 10, 2011

We spent much of the day at a farm and a beach. Phil logged as much time as possible with his favorite cousin.


Vested interest

July 3, 2011

Phil’s current fashion obsession is vests — or rather the one particular vest that he owns. Below are some recent examples of him donning it.

Tennis whites? Not exactly.

Bicycle built for 2

Phil with kite

The last photo was taken before a kite-flying attempt at Gasworks Park today. Unfortunately, the calm weather took the wind out of our sails.

still air at Gasworks Park


My son the sprinter (?)

June 16, 2011

Phil notched his first-ever footrace victories last night at the Club Northwest All Comers track meet, sweeping the 50- and 100-meter dashes in the 4-year-old division. Here he is with his ribbons and a celebratory post-meet Slurpee.

Phil post-race

It remains to be seen whether Phil will have more than a passing interest in running; he only came to the meet because he thought his friend Theo would be there. But perhaps we’ll eventually recall this evening at Shoreline Stadium and say, “Yes, sir — that’s where it all began.”


Join me at Fleet Feet on Dec. 28

December 23, 2010

Am I just kidding myself, or does this crudely photoshopped image have a certain charm to it?

club night flyer draft


America’s next tot model

February 18, 2010

As totally objective judges of our son’s cuteness, Liz and I think he’s attractive enough to be a child model. To give him a taste of this occupation, we recently sent him off to an intensive one-day internship sponsored by Oiselle Running, where he got some tips from professional model Morgan Roberts while being photographed by professional photographer Kathryn Barnard. Here he is trying to imitate Morgan’s poses.

Morgan (left) and Phil (right)
Morgan (left) and Phil (right)
Morgan (left) and Phil (right)


Photo caption contest

December 4, 2009

In the spirit of the New Yorker cartoon caption contest and a previous blog entry by Paul DeWitt….

your caption here

I like this photo (taken by my aunt Beverly) of me and Phil on a treadmill at my parents’ home in Vermont during Thanksgiving break, but I have yet to come up with a witty caption. Readers, what are your ideas?


New photos of Phil and friends

November 27, 2009

Here’s an album of recent photos taken by our friends Paula and Enrique:


Toiling in anonymity

September 22, 2009

John Wallace of the Seattle Running Company took 60 photos and a video at the Sundodger Invitational. The picture below is one of my all-time favorites.

Sundodger finish

I think the caption should be something like, “An aging warrior struggles mightily … while the indifferent masses look elsewhere.”

Rest assured that I offer this caption out of amusement, not bitterness. There’s no good reason why these strangers should have been paying attention to me. I ran in the slower of the two men’s races and did not place in the top 10 or set a personal record. I am not remarkably attractive, nor am I overcoming a major handicap in an inspiring way.

Those who cheered for me anyway, please accept my thanks. And thanks also to the lovable stalkers who frequent this blog.


Our house is no longer an eyesore

September 6, 2009



After five years of talking about it, we finally got our house painted this past week.

Despite what the first photo may imply, the work was not done by our son.

Thanks to Mario Reyes and his crew for a fine job at a reasonable price.